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Ellie's Diary: Must remember the promise I made after The Last Bad Break-Up: NEVER DATE ANOTHER COLLEAGUE. 

I know all the reasons I shouldn't fantasise about delicious new surgeon James Leonardi, but they don't call me Ellie 'hopeless romantic' Nicholson for nothing! And surely stealing a peek at his chocolate eyes and temptingly broad chest can't hurt...? 

It's their last summer of being single! 

Off duty, Ellie and her three friends are single, free and fabulous—for the moment…

Work hard and play hard could be the motto for flatmates
Ruby, Ellie, Jess and Tilly. By day these three trainee
nurses and one newly qualified midwife are lifesavers at
Eastern Beaches hospital, but by night they're seeking
love in Sydney—and only sexy doctors need apply!

Together they've made it through their first year in the
hospital—surviving shatteringly emotional shifts and
tough new bosses, and patching together broken hearts
from inappropriate crushes over a glass of wine (or two!).



Publication Details

Mills & Boon Medical
First published July 2012 as Breaking Her No-Dates Rule



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