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Nothing existed except the two of them.

Her senses had shut down, other than the most basic.

All she could think about was sex, desire, want and need.

And Damien.

Tonight she was a girl who could have anything her heart desired.

And she desired Damien.

Abi isn’t really one for believing in ‘happily ever afters’.

The combination of spending two years working in Afghanistan as a reconstructive and plastic surgeon, and post-traumatic stress disorder tends to do that to a person.

When she takes a job at a high-end plastic surgery clinic in Hollywood, all she’s thinking about is rebuilding herself and healing.

There’s no room in her life for anything but surviving.

Exceedingly hot or not, Damien would only be an unnecessary complication.

Especially since he’s a single Dad.

Abi resolves to keep her distance. Unfortunately this might be little difficult since he’s her boss and neighbour.



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