Thanks for visiting. I've been busy lately - I have several new releases and I'm really excited to announce that over the next few months I will be releasing five of my early books as North American exclusives. These will be available as eBooks in the USA and Canada for the first time. The first three are available now - "Love Me Again" and "Love Me Forever" are linked books about two sisters who work in the Australian Outback with the Flying Doctors. "The Doctor Next Door" is also out now and look out for "Always & Only" (October) and "All I Want For Christmas" (November). Keep your eye out for giveaways too! 

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Next I'm about to start work on another duet with Amy Andrews. Look out for that in 2018!

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Out now in the UK and USA (September in Aust/ NZ)

One Night That Changed Her Life

From the moment she sees Dr Xavier O’Donnell, midwife Brighde Campbell knows how the night will end. In the gorgeous obstetrician’s arms, she can forget the closely kept reason she avoids commitment—but then she discovers she’s pregnant...

Finding out he’s going to be a father both shocks and delights Xavier, but Brighde seems intent on shutting him out. Her painful secret will test both their hearts, but can he convince Brighde that no matter what the future holds, they can face it together?


 Out now in Australia

Tempted & Tamed


Three Australian sisters take an unexpected journey of the heart.

A Doctor By Day...

By day, medical intern Jake is a hotshot doctor, committed to saving his patients. But, to pay for med school, by night he transforms into red-hot stripper Judge Jake!

Growing up with a dysfunctional family, Dr Scarlett Anderson became the ‘dependable one’. Yet, after a messy break-up, sensible Scarlett decides to let loose for one night of passion with sinfully sexy Jake! Their chemistry is intense, but Scarlett is stunned when she learns Jake is her new colleague…and that their one night has consequences!

Tamed By The Renegade

Caring nurse Ruby Anderson has always been a free spirit. After a rocky childhood, her instinct might be to flee when things get tough, but with her baby sister desperately ill this is the one time Ruby can’t run away…

Offered a job as private nurse for deliciously hot racing car driver Noah Christiansen, Ruby knows he’ll be the perfect distraction! But as Noah breaks down Ruby’s hard-earned barriers she’s faced with the ultimate decision: flight or fight for the only man to tame her?

A Mother To Make A Family

When Dr Mitch Reynolds lost his wife, he blamed himself and turned his back on medicine. He keeps his three children close but the world at a distance. Then Rose Anderson walks into his life…

Rose has always dreamed of falling in love, but an illness has left her scarred and now her dreams feel further away than ever. Yet helping Mitch’s little family become whole again gives her the chance to belong and the prospect of being loved…just as she is.


And a North American Ebook exclusive 

The Doctor Next Door


When Dr Tilly Watson returns to Queensland after years overseas working in foreign aid she is delighted to meet her gorgeous neighbour, Jock Kelly. Their life ambitions might be as different as she could imagine but when she's only planning on a brief visit spending time with Jock might provide her with the excitement she craves.

Tilly arrives in his life like a beautiful breath of fresh air but when Jock discovers she more closely resembles a cyclone he is tempted to run for cover. His path in life was set a long time ago and when Tilly’s influence threatens to derail his plans he has to decide what he wants more. A peaceful life or a life with Tilly.

Opposites might attract but Jock might lose everything. Can he risk it for love?


Also out now

Falling for the Single Dad

Abi isn’t really one for believing in ‘happily ever afters’.

The combination of spending two years working in Afghanistan as a reconstructive and plastic surgeon, and post-traumatic stress disorder tends to do that to a person.

When she takes a job at a high-end plastic surgery clinic in Hollywood, all she’s thinking about is rebuilding herself and healing.

There’s no room in her life for anything but surviving.

Exceedingly hot or not, Damien would only be an unnecessary complication.

Especially since he’s a single Dad.

Abi resolves to keep her distance. Unfortunately this might be little difficult since he’s her boss and neighbor.




Des jumeaux pour le Dr Jefferson



En Stor Graesk Familie


Tvillinger soker Pappa

And More North American Ebook exclusives

Love Me Again and Love Me Forever

Love Me Again:

When Dr Jack Montgomery arrives in remote South Australia and announces he is there to work with the Flying Doctors, flight nurse Lauren Harrison knows she's in trouble. She and Jack had a brief affair and she never expected to see him again, let alone have to work with him in the close confines of the tiny aircraft. She knows he can disrupt her plans with one stroke of his pen or one stolen kiss and she knows she should stay well away. The problem is she finds him irresistible. Should she let him love her again?

Love Me Forever:

Flying Doctor Matt Zeller is happy with his career choices and bachelor lifestyle. Until Steffi Harrison explodes into his world and he finds himself swept up in her energy and encompassed in her love. But when his life takes an unexpected turn he rejects Steffi and everything she offers. Steffi is tough and independent and not prepared to give up on Matt. He loved her once, can she get him to love her forever?

Previously published in Europe and Australia/ NZ as 'City Doctor, Outback Nurse' and 'Outback Doctor in Danger'. First NA edition 2017 


Coming Soon exclusive to North America

All I Want For Christmas